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Marina High Class of 76 30th Reunion



Rick Arroyo (06/25/07) There is an all class reunion being attempted for the date of Sat July 21st at Washington Manor Park. I have very little information on it. Please check classmates for updates on the message board


The Resolution we received

RICK ARROYO (04/17/07) The Marina High School '76 Reunion Committee was recognized at the San Leandro City Council meeting Monday, April 16th, at 7 p.m. at City Hall from Joyce Starosciak, San Leandro City Council Member.


And Tami Costa-Jaykins gave our reply


The Resolution we received

RICK ARROYO (01/20/07) I'm updating current pictures of grads. I'm taking photos from the reunion and adding the pictures to the grads that haven't sent a current picture yet. Please also let anyone know that this site exists and if they have any bios or pictures to add just let me know. So give me time to add as many as i have. Also if any one wants a dvd of the slideshow just email me and send me postage and i'll get you a copy of your very own! Here it is incase you haven't seen it yet. Reunion Video Version 7.1 Also if the tv doesn't work click here.

Tami Costa (01/08/07) To all class of 76 members this is a letter to inform you of a dear class member in need.•• It was only a few weeks ago and 30 yrs later that we all got together again and I hope you all have enjoyed your Holiday's.• My writing this letter is to inform you of Pat Nichols Buff and the great loss she and her family endured during this last Holiday Season.• Pat moved back to Arkansas as you all know to care for her parents in the home her mother was raised in.• If you haven't read her sad letter than you need to.• Pat went home after our fantastic reunion and a few weeks later a tragedy of memories occured.• Her moms family home burnt down.• Not much was left and no insurance unfortuneately was in place.• Pat lost just about everything one could imagine.• It was a terrible accident that occured after her sons blanket got to close to a heater caught on fire and about the only thing they were able to get out of the home in time with was the clothes on their backs.•• Our class fund donated $50.00 to help Pat out I am personally donating another $25.00 dollars myself.• It is not in most of our nature to ask for help so I am asking in her place.• If anyone can afford to give a little something to our beloved past class president and Good Friend than please do so and send it to Pat personally.• Here is her address that I have that is current and every little bit will help ease the pain of many memories lost.• Here are some suggestions for everyone to think of to send her.• Of coarse cash donations are always easiest.• If you have old photos from school with her in it think of making a small memory album for her if you would like to e mail her and ask what you can personally do than do that as well.• I just know as a class if someone needs a lot of help we are all pretty giving people and ready to do what we can all someone needs to do is ask and that is what I am doing.• I will also be sending flyers to class members as well.•• I would want to know someone cares about such a terrible loss other than just me and my family.• Here is Pats information: • Patricia Buff (Nichols) e mail address • 123 Lookout Dr. Fairfield Bay Arkansas 72088-3119

Pat Nichols Buff (12/07/06) So much to say - only a few seconds. Family home burned down on 12/1. Kids got out safe (Thank God) but all else was lost. Reunion: The one & only shining moment in a year of heartache. Rick Glass's comments said it so beautifully that I can think of nothing else to add. Thank you for all of your hard work. Merry Christmas. Will reconnect soon, Pat

TAMI COSTA (JAYKINS) - (12/07/06) '30 years and counting.' a poem by Tami Jaykins • Some of us have large families and some of us small, others simply have no children at all. Some lost There children, at much to young of age, and for tonight they decided, not to attend, just turn another page. I can†t say I blame them, and I understand and respect there choice, I just know so many of us, will miss there smile, and joyful voice. Others lost a spouse and with courage came single anyway, for that I admire them, and hope they reunite with old friends today. For the Class of 76, 30 years have gone by with some of our classmates gone to the world in the Sky. So we all come together to celebrate and reminisce of old Days we remember when life was Oh so Bliss.

TAMI COSTA (JAYKINS) - (11/28/06) Attendees of the 76 30th Reunion a heartfelt thank you to all who paid and attended the Reunion on Nov 18,2006 at the Marriott. I hope ya'll had as good of a time as I did. I felt the night Flew by and I didn't even get to talk with a few of you and I am sorry for that. I would love to hear back from ya'll personally as to your likes dislikes or suggestion for the next reunion in 5 years. Believe it or not our committee is starting now to make sure we contact all classmates best we can and to hopefully have a reunion that even more of our 76 class members will attend. The venue will be much more casual and it will be held at TITAN HALL our old cafeteria. We will be working with the Marina Inn Hotel for discount room rates and a shuttle bus from there. We will also be looking into a 2 day event and the time frame to be during the Summer Month so we can have a family picnic day and then a dinner for the adults. PLEASE e mail me personally with any advice or complaints.

Mindy S Pinto-Smith (11/27/06) The Class reunion was awesome. Well put together and I thought is was the greatest. I very much enjoyed seeing•everyone. For the most part we all look good if you ask me (Giggle) It seemed like the night went by so fast. I guess that is what happens when your having fun. To everyone (it was a pure pleasure seeing everyone) God Bless You All

Jim Gobel (11/26/06) Ditto to Rick, Lori and Dickson†s comments! •A huge thank you to all that made the event happen! For those that took photos please send them...this dipstick left his camera sitting on the table where I was staying. I was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd and my dang social shyness began to kick in so I am sorry that I did not get a chance to get around to everyone that I would have liked to. ..just too many people and not enough time. •But, like Rick Glass said, it is a night I will cherish! Thank You!!

RICK ARROYO (11/24/06) I wanted to say sorry for the fingerprint on the lens of my camera pictures. It may have hidden some unwanted lines (but that was unintentional). I hope you still enjoy the pictures. Any comments from now on will be posted on the blog, (it'll give me something to do and let you know i'll keep this site up until the next 5 years? Maybe we'll have a simpler (less expensive/work) one and actively promote it as an all class reunion. Thanks again for making #30 a BIG success!!

Dickson Louie (11/21/06) Great job on DJing the reunion last Saturday and thank you for all your efforts on the Web site....without you, there would be no reunion (or it would have been less fun)!

Lori Berney (11/21/06) Just wanted to drop you a short note and say "Thanks" for a great evening of music and a wonderful website to remember it by. •I didn't take any pictures, although I am enjoying those you've posted on line.• The evening went way too fast. take care

Rick Glass (11/20/06) Tami, Lynn and Rick, You will never know the level of soulful impact, and joy that you spearheaded and made happen Saturday. The reunion was magic, connectivity was nothing short of God†s Hand, as so many of us rediscovered the Spirit of our youth in relationships that transcend time, and for a few short hours after some 30yrs, we were able to share it once again. Thanks so much for all the hard work and effort in creating a forum that touched so many souls on Saturday, that I for one will cherish forever. While the miles, experiences, and paths separate us for years, we were never really that far apart. •Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! •P.S. Rick, next time make sure they play KC and the Sunshine Band!

RICK ARROYO (11/19/06) I hope everybody had a great time at the reunion! now it's time to send the pictures to me so i can post them. Please if you e-mail them save in a largest size but low res like 4 so they don't fill up my e-mail box. If the mail box is filled up and you can't send them try again in a day or two but don't give up. I want those pictures! Also here are other mail boxes you can mail pictures to me:,,, and Or you can mail them to me: Rick Arroyo, 6618 Lincoln Avenue #3, El Cerrito, CA 94530. I'll mail all pictures back asap. I will also have dvd's available if you want one just mail me $5 or paypal me $5 (my paypal account is Thanks again to all who made it and to all who have helped to make this a grand success!

RICK ARROYO (11/12/06) Thanks for all of your donations and support of this grass roots 30 year class reunion. See you Saturday, come by and say hi I'll be the short fellow playing the music in a tux.

Reunion Video Version 7.1 (11/12/06) This is what we will be showing saturday at the reunion. If you are interested in a dvd copy i'll be selling them for $5 (cost of getting them duplicated) at the reunion. See me for your very own copy. Also if the tv doesn't work click here.

TAMI COSTA (JAYKINS) - (11/02/06) Rich Dutra just passed the word to me that his show with Oprah will aire on Nov the 9th which is next week. He and his wife's & company Challenge Associates have just signed a Contract with the Oprah Winfrey organization to have a prime time show with her about their company and that they are only giving the Harpo Prod the right to film and promote their company on a Televised basis.• What a Great Honor for Rich. more info next week.

RICK ARROYO (11/04/06) Last call for any music requests. i'll have plenty of music on cd's and my iPod. If you want to dance to a special song either bring the cd to the reunion and i'll play it, or e-mail the request to me at: no mp3's or vinyl please i only play cd format. Bring your dancin' shoes!

RICK ARROYO (10/25/06) I've just added Ken Webster and Joanne Charron to the grad pictures. So someone pass the word we need a current pic and a bio from them!

Reunion Video Version 5 (10/24/06) This is a different but similar version without the zooming effects. Since so many of you have watched the video since i posted it last week i thought i'd give you something more. Or if the tv doesn't work click here.

RICK ARROYO (10/24/06) I'm so sorry but my mailbox has been getting filled up with all these pictures from our past. i've just got my mailbox increased to 100mb! So mail will get to me without my box getting filled up.

RICK ARROYO (10/22/06) I just added Brigid Doyle and Joe Hartnell to the class photos. if you can contact them have them send me a bio and pictures! Anyone else who feels like they should be associated with the class and for whatever reason didn't make the senior yearbook, just get me a photo from that time and i'll set you up with a page of your very own.

RICK ARROYO (10/22/06) I just added a nostalgic Jr. High school memories page (under nostalgia photos) Send me any you have and i'll post them!

RICK ARROYO (10/20/06) I just added a nostalgic Elementry school class photos page (under nostalgia photos) Send me any you have and i'll post them!

RICK ARROYO (10/19/06) Class Reunion Booklets will be offered here soon. keep checking for more info ASAP!

They will be available to be purchased by paypal by going back to the home page and paying for each item you want! Or there will be information about sending a check to Tami or Lynne for your purchases too.

By buying these in advance of the actual reunion you can save Tami, Lynne and Rick many sleepless nights tossing and turning wondering if the reunion will actually pay for itself or will they be passing the hat amongst themselves after this big shindig to cover left over bills.

You can also buy these at the reunion and that also will be greatly appreciated!

RICK ARROYO (10/18/06) My e-mail has been full so i haven't been able to receive any mail lately. but i've fixed the problem and now i can get mail again. so please e-mail me your bios and pictures.

RICK ARROYO (10/16/06) Let me know if you can see the YouTube video or not and if you have a picture to add, e-mail it to me and i'll try to fit it in. Keep sending me your Bio's and family pictures to post on your individual pages. And if you have nostalgia you'd like to e-mail to us so we can share it with everybody e-mail me

Reunion Video (10/15/06) try the YouTube for an older version of the MHS reunion Video (still a work in progress). Or this is the first you tube version.

RICK ARROYO (9/05/06) Check the nostalgia page for some of Dickson's Thunderbolts from the past. You may get to read throught these at the Reunion...As if you need another reason to buy a ticket and join us!! Keep sending me your Bio's and family pictures to post on your individual pages. And if you have nostalgia you'd like to e-mail to us so we can share it with everybody e-mail me

RICK ARROYO (9/04/06) Here is the reunion committee at our last meeting (photo taken by Dickson Louie). And the cake Lynne made use delicious

RICK ARROYO (9/02/06) Also we would still like to welcome any class of 75 or 77 alumni. as some of them are attending. So please come on down and eat, drink and dance with us.

RICK ARROYO (9/02/06) If you plan on getting a hotel room for the evening do it now!! the marriott just released a few more rooms as the others sold out so fast. Please reserve now or pay a higher price once they are gone. Also we will be offering a picture package that just seems great! and the more that buy this picture package ahead of time will help this reunion committee meet it's goals of breaking even!! Tami will have more info as the date nears....and it is getting close, very close!! Come on up and say hi to the dj. Lastly we will premere the final version of our reunion video at the reunion. If you'd like a copy talk to me, maybe get me a blank dvd and post paid envelope and i'll copy it to dvd for you.

RICK ARROYO (8/30/06) Remember if you haven't purchased a ticket the price will be increased to $85 per ticket after Oct 15th. Also please e-mail a bio and pictures to me at: Also if you notice an error on the web site please let me know so i can correct it

try the streaming version of the MHS reunion Video version 2 (still a work in progress)

Ron Seitz (9/03/06) The Reunion Committee is hoping to come up with some to donations for a raffle. We are looking for gift cards, gift certificates in the price range of $25-$50 or small items such as bottles of wine. If you are interested in contributing to support this part of the Reunion, please contact Ron Seitz « email address: Thanks!!

RICK ARROYO (8/30/06) I'm looking for volunteers who might like to help me dj? My business partner/wife will not be attending (because we are parting as business partners, etc) So I'm looking for a few people who might like to help me out. This would give me a chance to eat, run for a beer or MC. Any takers? e-mail me we'll talk. Or let me know at the reunion... it's easy!

RICK ARROYO (8/30/06) It looks like I won't be able to have the reunion on a web cast. Unless i get great information, i need a server. So next reunion in 5 years for sure!!

RICK ARROYO (8/15/06) I've finally added the last four pictures in the yearbook! Greg Anderson, Lise Kofoed, Rita Kannisto and Maria Parra. Now i also need bios from them. And any others not pictured in the yearbook...Tim Murriset! etc. get me an old photo and a bio with current photo. This web site is starting to (as the kids say) represent!..hee hee!

TAMI COSTA (JAYKINS) - (8/17/06) Dear class members, time is flying so we have to kick in to gear, since down payments are now due.• We are asking for your ticket payments of $65.00 per person.• We will accomodate anyone who needs to make 2 payments of $65.00 But we definitely need to collect for at least one ticket at this time.• And then the other is due no later than Oct 1st.• From that point on all ticket prices will be $85.00 per person at the door as we will have to cover for late fees in payments by this date.• I hope this message finds you all well.• make all checks payable to Marina High Class 76 and send them to my address: 2312 Eagle Ct. Rocklin Ca. 95677.••Or you can pay by credit card by going to our web site. The final invitations with tickets will be sent out on Oct 1st.• Thank You Tami Jaykins

TAMI COSTA (JAYKINS) - (8/17/06) Dear class members and there spouses.• I am just asking if you do have access to either your Block M Sweater or Jacket please ask your wife or date to wear it for the evening.• Let's make this a real Nostalgic night and bring out something we haven't seen or worn in years.• Your sweater doesn't have to be from Marina high.• After all if we dated someone from another school or married someone from another school I would love to see there school represented for the night, I think it would be fun.•I would love to say I would wear my Cheerleading uniform but about all it will fit is my one arm, and lets not even go to the bottom half.• This night is about OLD DAYS GOOD TIMES I REMEMBER! So let's live it like we are back in time at least for the evening.• Just a thought.• Also Scan Pictures and forward them We need Pictures of Elem Jr high, and High School.• The more who send in photos the more of a variety of our class we get to see and remember were making scrap books to raffle off for the evening and a photo CD so we need everyone in our class to help out.• If you still have access to ANY Prom photos please send some of those as well.• Sincerely Tami Costa

LYNNE MOREHEAD (8/12/06) Hello classmates of 76! We owe the San Ramon Marriott a $3700 deposit as of the end of July.• We do not have that much money yet.• If you plan on attending please send in your money•so we can pay the upfront costs.• We do have about 20 classmates that have either paid a deposit or paid in full.• Tami and I have spent (together) about $1,000 in costs upfront out of pocket.• We have not taken•our personal•money spent•from the main fund.• We are not able to personally come up with the deposit required.• Keep in mind the costs for stamps, invitations, door prizes, etc.....• There is now an option to pay on paypal - just go to the website at:• • • We are•confident that we will be able to have this reunion as many have said they are coming but as you know hotels require money ahead of time.• If you do not plan on attending then please let us know in advance so we don't bother you with these emails. Okay enough begging for money• Remember though, this is also your reunion and it is up to all of us to make it a success! Thanks to all of you and this is the best way to help at this point.• • Lynne Morehead-Stangeland • P.S.• Many have asked about food - yes for 65.00 it will be a sit down dinner with a choice of beef, chicken or vegetarian.•

RICK ARROYO (8/15/06) I'm not sure that I can pull off the internet web cam at the reunion. But i'm still trying to make it work so that 10+ people can log on to watch the shenanigans.

RICK ARROYO (8/08/06) I'm trying to have a web cam set-up at the reunion so if you can't make it you can chat and view the reunion from your computer. i'll know for sure in october then i'll have more details. please keep sending the bios and pictures.

RICK ARROYO (8/07/06) Check the main page for a paypal link to instantly pay for your reunion tickets or to make a donation to the reunion! Just use a creditcard or checking account to sign up for a free paypal account if you don't already have one.! Also do you have a friend who would feel welcome at our reunion? Well we decided to welcome teachers and friends from all Marina High Graduating Classes (since so many classes haven't had a reunion in a while for whatever reason.) Show them our web site or have them contact Tami Costa-Jaykins. Everybody is welcome!!

TAMI COSTA (JAYKINS) - (8/7/06) For those of you who have made a committment to join the reunion committe and make the meetings you can, Thank You.•• I don't expect you to make them all but once we start getting really close to the date please try.• Put a side the next meeting dates Sunday Sept 10th at 1pm in Vacaville at BJ's Brewery directions later,• this meeting will be important for mostly up dating the list of members we still can't find.• There still are many out there.• Flyers were posted at Porkey's and Schelleys Bar and we will be putting an ad in the San Leandro Times and Daily Review as well.• Ron Seitz will be up dating the new flyers which will be sent again by e mail and mail with in the next week.• Please continue to spread the word and we will no longer be taking deposits of $40 we will be asking for at least a full ticket price of $65.00 and those who decide to pay at the door will be charged a price of $85.00 per ticket this was voted on and agreed by all who attended the meeting yesterday at Porkey's. Those in Attendance were: Rick Arroyo, Tami Costa, Dickson Louie, Lynne Moorehead, Rick Santi, Ron Seitz. There are already a few Raffle Items that will be raffled off at the Reunion but we definitely need more PLEASE!! get donations So far we have calenders, Books, T shirt w/ $20 gift certificate, Memory Scrap book of our school yrs• so if you can get others to donate please do.• We will also have a silent auction for 4 hrs of DJ music services by Rick Arroyo to be given to the highest bidder.• Our slide show for the evening is coming along but we need more school photos from all our classmates to really make it be a success.•• Remind everyone to send Rick Arroyo or Tami Photos. The next meeting for all of us who wish to attend is in Vacaville at BJ's Brewery and the next one after that will be on Oct 1st Hosted by Dickson Louie in San Leandro at his home if you are attending either meeting than e mail and I will give you directions

RICK ARROYO (8/05/06) I was looking at an earlier reunion program where they had business cards in it. I thought if anyone would like to post their business link just send it to me. Then I can post it for our community to view. It costs like nothing so if one person actually visited your site/business you made money. Also please keep sending me those bios, current photos and family pictures.

RICK ARROYO (8/04/06) I just added a blast from the past. I put an asteroids game at the bottom of the home page. play and sign in your high score. Just like old times.. sorta they didn't have a pong. but i also have a pac man to play on the bottom of the recent bio's page. enjoy and let me know your high scores!

RICK ARROYO (7/29/06) I'll make more versions of the little slideshow if i get more photos. also if you have suggestions for other songs let me know and i'll try them.

try the streaming version of the MHS reunion Movie version 1

RICK ARROYO (7/11/06) I should mention to those who are internet challenged, You can mail your bios and pictures to me by snail mail: Rick Arroyo, 6618 Lincoln Avenue #3 El Cerrito, CA 94530 Thanks to all who have submitted, or have promissed to submit content.

Ron Seitz (6/21/06) Marina 1976 Grads, the Reunion committee has come up with some great questions relating to those days at MHS and some milestones for us Grads. The plan is to have a few give aways for those who get the answers right or meet the milestones. The Reunion Committee is hoping to come up with some to donations for this to help with the overall cost of the Reunion. We are looking for gift cards, gift certificates in the price range of $25-$50 or small items such as bottles of wine. If you are interested in contributing to support this part of the Reunion, please contact Ron Seitz « email address: Thanks!!

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