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Rick Santi¼s Bio It seems like a life time since we left High School. I tried the college thing at Chobot but I just couldn¼t get into it. I found I developed a lot of bad study habits in High School. In 1978 I started working at the Daily Review. I held many positions while I was there and for the most part I enjoyed it. I met my ex-wife there and we were married in 1984. I adopted my two boys a year later, Johney and Corey. We were divorced 5 years later, but the positive was that I still had my two boys. I stayed at the Review for another year and in 1990 left to go work at the Oakland Tribune. The Tribune went down three years later and was bought out by the same people who had bought the Review seven years before. The bright side was that I became computer literate during my stay. I took the next two years off; I looked at it as being retired. For fun, and money, I started doing computer graphics: business cards, ad lay outs, and logos. I did some remodeling jobs, roofed for a summer, and made some furniture. As money started to run out I started Bartending. As a short term job it¼s pretty good, you get paid for partying and joking around. In 1995 I started to get bored, I went back to Chobot to find out what I needed for an AA. I needed one English class; I received my AA in the summer of ¼95. School was a lot easier after you grow accustom to working 60 hour weeks. I received a BA in Liberal Arts with a Minor in Mathematics in 1998. I started teaching in Richmond while I earned my teaching credential. That was the year my son Johney died. He had completed four years in the Marines and had been out for a year. His years in the Marines had left him with a sobering view of the world. In 2000 I joined the faculty at Royal Sunset, the Continuation High School for the San Lorenzo School District. I went back to college and obtained my Masters in Education. I am currently starting my 6th year at Royal Sunset. Last year we started a new High School, East Bay Arts. It is on the same campus as Royal Sunset but is a college prep school. Curriculum is integrated through the Arts. We put on three shows last year and the last two sets were built by my Stagecraft Class. How cool is that? Last week my son got married in my backyard. It was simply beautiful. My father and I sang at the wedding and the reception was held at the new banquet room at LA Bella¼s Italia Restaurant (the old Pring¼s). For those of you who remember my sisters Sue and Linda Class of ¼74 and ¼78 respectively, Sue passed away in 1993 leaving three beautiful children who are now all in their twenties and doing well. Linda has been married since 1984 and has two children, one in college and the other is a Junior at Castro Valley High, Matt is their Kicker on the Football team. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Take care and enjoy the journey.

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Yosemite 1977 - Bill Johnson, Steve Motta, Joe K. and myself


Point Reyes 1976 - Steve Motta, Ken Reid, Bob Katte and Me


Corey and Jennifer's Wedding