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Thirty years have gone by so quickly.› I have been blessed.› The most precious things in life, are not "things" but family.››I have been married to›Brian Bradley ( class of 75) for 25 years.› He has been my love and best friend for 31 years!› High school sweethearts that made it! We live in Oakdale, some call it oakiedale, out in the country.› We have raised our children on 10 acres of horses, cows, cats, dogs, and chickens.› It has been great and we have two wonderful kids, Jenessa, 20 the day of the class reunion and Jared, 16.› It has been fun having Howard Kendig, my high school buddy and Mariane, his wife, living out here with us,›and our children growing up together.› The hardest part of this reunion, is not having my best friend, Jodie Zickefoose to share it with.› I miss her every day and truly thought we would grow old together.› I do feel she is with me.› I am in the Sales Industry, and have been for the past 10 years, before that I was a stay at home mom and wife.› Life is busy and well worth the journey, hopefully it will slow down a bit.› See you all soon!! Robbin Bradley

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Jared, Brian, Robbin, Jenessa and Spike


Christmas 2005


Robbin and Brian


Me and my best friend Jodie Zickefoose '90


Robbin and Howard Kendig