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Tami's letter was the first time Marina came up since Joy invited me to the 5 or 10-year reunion. I'm safe and healthy, married 24 yrs to a better person than me. We have 17 & 15 year-old daughters. Right now, I'm thumb-typing while on a road trip looking at colleges. I've lived in Florida since 1980. I've gone native enough to think college sports are more important than Pro, but not NASCAR or anything. Last classmate I saw was Bill Johnson at O'Hare airport - and he went to our wedding. He had an Engr job in Indiana (I think). Saw Maggie Hooper at her SF apt around 1982. She was an Engr for Army Corps. I saw Tal S, Gail Connelly, Mark LaGrange and Steve Motta at Cal before 1980. I called Steve Jurgens a few times - he was married and a top phone seller for an Electronics Wholeseller (he should have gone the famous artist route). My Mom still lives in the old Washington Manor house (same street that brought us Pat Nichols, Oscar J & Mike Graditti. I really do hope everyone did well since 1976. Pls give them all my best.

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