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After HS graduation I attended community college on the theİsix year plan to get a half years credit. During this time I learned how to cook in a good restaurant,İwent into business with Phil Dumond as an auto mechanic,İworked in Bozeman Montana in the family funeral business,İhad my own company, Neptune Productions, doing catering, special effects etc (never made any money but sure had fun), tended bar, managed a manufacturing parts warehouse and managed a Pizza Hut. All this led me to the conclusion that I needed to getİaİreal collegeİeducation and a betterİjob. In 1983, I met a young school teacher on vacation from Virginia and decided that Virginia was as good as any placeİgo back to school. I packed up my Pinto and drove cross country to VA in August 1983. Dorene and Iİwere married in Derry New Hampshire in 1986. I graduated with a BS in Electronics Engineering in 1987 and moved back to the bay area in 1988 with Dorene and started work as an engineer with Honeywell in San Francisco. We lived in Dublin andİhad twins in 1993, a son Brian and a daughter Mariel, attached is a picture of the whole family last Christmas (2005).We moved back to Virginia in 1996 and I am still with Honeywell currently as an Engineer/Estimator in Richmond VA. I see Phil Dumond at least once a year as we meet somewhere in the country to go to a NASCAR race. Last October both Phil and Keith Abate came to Virginia to attend a race here in Martinsville from which I have attached a picture of the three of us, Phil on the left Keith in the middle and me on the left. I'm sure that attaching this picture will piss off both of them as they are both pretty reclusive. I still love to cook and do so often and love to fish as often as possible. We spend a lot of time in Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks of North Carolina surf fishing and gulf stream fishing. Iİdon't think I'll be able to attendİthe reunion this November butİhope all that are able to attend have a wonderful time. İ Sincerely, İ Oscar

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