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Hello Everyone. I Lost my Loving Husband this Aug 9th 2005. His name was Bob and he was the greatest. We were married for 18 years. He was ten years older then I ›I miss him dearly. We have three children, One Son & Two Daughters. › My Business: › I'm in the cosmetic/plastic surgery/Esthetics field. I enjoy this very much and find my career very rewarding and at times challenging. I now have a clinic in Danville and I am still in San Lorenzo three days a week. › To fill you in on my past 30 years: I'm going to be a grandma for the first time this February. My daughter Jenny lives in Texas and I really wish she would move back home {FAT CHANCE } But I can always hope. The past year since I lost my husband has been very trying. I hope none of you ever have to feel the way I have in the past year. My youngest daughter Jae'din was profoundly affected by her fathers death. It has been heart breaking. Bob & I down sized from a huge gorgeous home›in 1999 back to the Washington Manor. We purchased a home right next door to my parents. "You must all think I'm crazy (Nope)› It was the best decision I ever made in my adult hood. My mother became ill and pasted away in 2001. I embrace every moment I was able to help my parents, And I don't miss those snots up on the Hill. It is so funny how people purchase a huge home and cannot spend anytime in it because they have to work their tails off to keep it. Let alone leaving their children home alone after school with no supervision. I am so glad we moved back here to the manor. When the doctors first told us Bob had two weeks to live My Dad pulled a fast one and suddenly pasted away with in three days of our dreadful news. ( I say he pulled a fast one as a term of endearment) I am a Daddy's girl and to be honest I was in such a fog from stress. I barely remember his services. Bottom line is I am so glad I was able to spend such close times with my parents. I enjoyed every minute of it and hold close to my heart every wonderful memory. I'm like a Cat guys. For some reason I fall on my feet. I have lost over seventeen family members in the past five years. Still I hold my head up high and move on. ( Do I have any other choice ? ) My biggest embarrassment in my life was moving back to the Manor. What most of you don't know is. I was the biggest brat on the block. I know almost all my neighbors here and thank God they were smarter then I thought And over looked my bratty ways. ( Lucky Me) It was all I could do for the first few weeks that we moved back here, I was so worried that the neighbors would assume that my children were like me as a kid. LOL Well my daughter Jenny was driving and was never home, My Son Mike had just got his first place, And then our lil darling Jae'din ( A spoil Brat ) didn't cause many problems other then calling 911 when she›got in trouble with her older sister. Thank God "she is 16 now and is past that.›› › Bob & I: › Bob was a professional Drummer when I met him. I was divorced and owned a business And had just gotten out of a very bad relationship. I met him in 1987 and we just clicked. His career was a bit much to deal with. That sort of business is a lot of partying and a ruff life. Bob was lucky enough to have his Bachelors Degree in business, and I told him I'd only marry him if he retired from the music industry. Al though we had great times and met interesting people. It was way too much for me to deal with. He then became Kodak's›› corporate manager for their medical facility in Fremont Ca until he became ill. Anyone that really knows me. Could tell you that Bob put up a lot from me. I'm a handful. He was a very nice down to earth person and a great father. I haven't thought about dating yet since he has been gone because I just don't think I'm ready. Bob & I both had a passion for tropical gardens. Our San Leandro home› was taken down to dirt and over 8 years we worked on our yard, Everything in our Yard is Tropical and we are so proud of it. We even had a built in swimming pool put in to add›to our taste. I spend every free minute I have in my yard. You would never believe you were in San Leandro if you could see our yard, We have 3 hand made water falls, Every tropical plant you can think of. It is beautiful. Bob & I were lucky enough to travel and I have fond memories of those days. › Me: I pretty much look the same. Still very out going and friendly. I simply love people. I love to entertain and I love to cook. Over the past three years I have hidden most of my stress and as a result I have had trouble with a rash that comes and goes and at times I am on a medication called predisone ( Lets hope I'm not on that medication for the reunion) The medication blows my body up like a balloon. Otherwise I'm in good health. (Thank God) I look very forward to seeing everyone. And I hope everyone is doing well. See You All Soon Mindy

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