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Dear Class 1976 Reunion: Ižm married 13 years and have two adult children Derek 25, Deserež 21. Ižm a Personal Trainer-Massage Therapist. I work at a gym also P/T day spa. My husband is an ex-football player Santa Barbara college and Manager of Big Brand Tire Store in Paso Robles. He was a blind date. We live in the country in Paso Robles CA. on two acres. Planning to possibly start a wedding grounds business here. My son currently lives in Germany ‚ coming home in Nov. 06. My daughter lives in Paso Robles. We have three dogs and two cats. We are going on a family cruise when my son comes home to Mexico. Life has been a blessing for us. We work hard to maintain a good life along with God guiding us. So, looking forward to going back in time with all of you. See ya at the reunion. Karen Balthrope-Greaver

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Derek, Desere', Don and Karen


Karen with Vickie Skinner 1989


Karen and Jill Harden at 10 year reunion


Karen's daughter Desere'