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Greetings one and all.• Wow, this has been a fun trip down memory lane seeing all the old photos and what those who have posted are up to « Great job Rick!! • After HS, and going to Chabot for a short while I evacuated the bay area and worked as a seasonal employee for the US Forest Service. Chico was the closest thing that I could call home as I spent the summers either at my station on the forest or hopping around the country on fires. The winter months (unemployed) I spent down in chico seeing how much trouble I could get into. • After doing that for seven years, I did something different in the winter of 1983-84 and went ‹eastĘ to Wisconsin to haul cattle for my Uncle that winter, met a fine lady and the rest as they say is history.• I came back to CA for the summer of 1984 for one last ‹fire seasonĘ then went back to WI for good.• The following spring I married my beautiful wife and we now have two children, Nate (now 12) & Kate (9). •Parenthood has been a blast.....most of the time. •I have worked for the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources since 1988 as a Forestry/Fire Tech. in Spooner Wisconsin which is near the Minnesota border about halfway between Duluth/Superior and Minneapolis.• Yes I am a die hard cheese head now « Go Packers!! (but I still follow the 49ers, Raiders, Giants & A†s)• Spooner is a small town of ~2000 people in a very rural area (we are the biggest ‹cityĘ in the County) and• I have found I love the small town lifestyle. • Well, I suppose this is more than you want to read...so, I hope to see ya at the reunion.

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Patti, Jim, Nate and Kate


Jim Gobel circa 1984


Katie at the Petting Zoo (we had to bring one home..)


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Fall in Wisconsin


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